09:02 AM - April 30, 2004

Christopher Bergland Sets New World Record!

It was the most dramatic sporting event I've seen in person. I could barely hold the video camera, let alone click a couple stills here and there. With a little more than 8 minutes left, Chris fell off the treadmill needing less than 1/3 of a mile to beat Edit Berces distance record of 153.6 miles in the 24 treadmill. He could barely stand up. His knees buckling. But he managed to pull himself together and slowly walk through the world's record, eventually beating it by 5/16ths of a mile (I haven't slept in 24 hours, but believe this is the correct number). The crowd inside and outside of Kiehl's roared. Dean and Chris held hands as the timer hit 00:00:00. Chris collapsed and was treated by EMTs. Dean said it was unbelievable to participate and witness such an incredible sporting moment. It was truly dramatic

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midnight! and two more marathons

Chris and Dean are still going strong. Chris is at 108 miles. Dean at 102. We're two-thirds of the way done. But still 50 or so miles away from the world's record. Guest runners are filling the third treadmill. Sharpies and paper are being passed around and enthusiastic notes, cheers, and jokes are taped up in front of the runners. There's still a crowd outside. Photographers from Runner's World (maybe a different name, I'm not familiar with them) have been doing a shoot for over two (three?) hours. Kiehl's staff is still partying and cheering wildly. Music is pumping in the store. Somewhere near midnight both runners had iced coffee. I need a coffee bad. I don't have time to post more photos quite yet. Will try before the evening's done.

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08:39 PM - April 29, 2004

halfway home... 3 marathons to go

Chris is on pace to beat the world record. He's run almost 80 miles in 12 hours. Dean's run 75 miles- changed shoes at the halfway point.

more photos coming in an hour or so...

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14 hours to go

10 hours down. 14 to go. Both runners are in 60's as far as miles go. The afternoon crowd has been really enthusiastic. A $1,000 donation to YouthAIDS got a big cheer from Chris. The treadmills are soaked from all the spritzing and spraying. Chris and Dean are drinking gallons of water and liquid. And we're still not even halfway.

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two marathons in 7 hrs 35 min

Chris just finished his 2nd marathon at 3:35PM. Dean is about five miles away from his 2nd. "I'm starting to feel the miles," said Chris after he finished his 53rd mile. "You feelin' them?" he asked Dean. "Not yet," Dean replied.

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One marathon down, five to go

At approximately 11:45AM, Chris and Dean both finished their first marathon of the day. "Easiest marathon I'd ever run," said Dean. Niether runner had broken a sweat yet, although they were spritzing themselves with spray bottles. I told a couple, who had stopped to gawk while shopping in the neighborhood, that Chris and Dean had finished their first marathon. "First?!" yelled the woman, "this is crazy." The man stared at the two runners, shook his head, and said, "we should come back tonight." I hope they do.

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off and running

Chris and Dean have begun the run. Started a few minutes past 8AM. Asked how they were feeling, Dean said 'fine. But check back in a few hours.' Dean also said he was just waking up, and still on West Coast time (came in from California).

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mob the treadathalon

By 3PM Chris and Dean will have run a marathon and a half. So how about 3:08PM flash mob? (why 3:08? 154 miles x 2 guys = 308) And besides, 3PM is right around when the traditional media will be waving their TV cameras and trying to fill slots for the evening news.

Kiehl's is at 109 3rd Ave, Northeast corner of 13th St. and 3rd Ave, NYC. Everyone jog in place for a minute. I think we'll see Chris and Dean crack a smile or two.

Spread the Tread... And donate if you can.

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10:13 PM - April 28, 2004

Evening before the Treadathalon

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